Friday, 27 July 2018

Meet reality show judges whose dramatic antics cannot be tolerated!


Reality show competitions and judges are two things that go together. Without a judge, it’s nearly impossible to have a competition. On some shows, the dynamic between the judges is almost as interesting to watch as the contestants. Well, today we are going to meet you reality show judges whose dramatic antics cannot be tolerated. Just have a look.

1. Neha Kakkar

Bollywood popular playback singer Neha Kakkar is currently seen judging the singing reality show Indian Idol 10. She often seen crying on the sets of the show. She cries at every elimination. And for this reason, she often gets trolled.

2. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is an amazing artist and a true entertainer. She was recently seen judging Super Dancer. But, the way she comes up with arcane phrases to express her approval of performances or the multiple times she asks for the stairs to climb the table in high heels and give a little too many standing ovation is not entertaining anymore.

3. Archana Puran Singh

Archana Puran Singh is an Indian television presenter, personality and film actress. The actress has been seen judging the television reality comedy show known as Comedy Circus since 2006 and is the only judge to have appeared in all episodes. But, Archana laughing uncontrollably at some poorest jokes cracked in the history mind. Sometimes her laughing antics irritated us so much.

4. Geeta Kapoor

Geeta Kapoor is another person who is added in this list. She often seen crying on the sets of the show. She cries at every elimination.

5. Anu Malik

Anu Malik has been seen judging Indian Idol from the very first season and his dramatic antics are so high that we have not really gotten used to it.

6. Marzi Pestonji

Master Marzi Pestonji is another reality show who is added in this list. In the beginning, his cute antics make us laugh, but now it seems just forced and the way he climbs the table to express his joy over every performance seems overdose.

7. Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya judged multiple seasons of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and his drama quotient went higher with each and every season. No one can ever forget the memory of him shouting ‘mujhe tere ghar mein roti chahiye’ when the performance of contestant from the team he was monitoring was criticized for lack of versatility.

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