Sunday, 15 July 2018

Here's What Mira Rajput Said When Asked If She's Having A Boy Or A Girl

India loves arranged marriages, babies, and Bollywood celebrities. All of these elements come together in the Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput story, right from their post-wedding PDA to their sweet baby daughter Misha. Obviously then, everyone’s also really interested in Misha’s future sibling and Shahid and Mira’s second baby.

India being India, though, Mira was quizzed about the child in a typical manner, and asked “This time boy or girl?” during a round of Instagram Q&A. To that, she curtly responded with a “Don’t know and doesn’t matter” like most decent human beings would.

Now, as we know, sex determination tests are illegal in India because the results often led to termination of female foetuses. However, many celebrities are still rumoured to go abroad and get these tests, albeit probably to know which colour to paint their baby’s nursery. That said, Mira’s response is actually refreshing. One can only hope that Mira’s followers too understand that obsessing over an unborn child’s gender is unhealthy.

Mira and Shahid already have a beautiful baby girl who’s a paparazzi favourite and constant across their social media profiles, often garnering more attention than her parents. In fact, the idea of announcing Mira’s second pregnancy in April this year also involved Misha. The duo posted a photo of Misha beside balloons with the caption “Big Sister” to break the news to everyone. In fact, Shahid also said, “I am very happy. We just felt like sharing it with everybody. Mira said she wanted to put it on Instagram, and I felt the photograph was really cute. So, it was a spontaneous decision and it just happened.”

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