Friday, 5 January 2018

Shilpa Shinde to be offered another show post-finale of BB 11?


Shilpa Shinde is amongst the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss 11 and many agree that she will be winning the coveted title in the finale. Even Colors TV on which the show airs are happy with Shilpa's immense popularity and are developing a new show with her in mind.

Many will agree that Shilpa Shinde has come out strong as a contestant on Bigg Boss 11 and her popularity has increased three-fold with many making early claims that she will leave the BB house as the winner.

And it looks like Colors TV in which Bigg Boss 11 airs is already making future plans with Shilpa in mind. If a report in a leading daily is to be believed, then the TV channel is making a show with Shilpa in mind.

"The channel has chalked out a plan. They are developing a new show with Shilpa. Once BB goes off the air, she will mostly be offered the TV show," a source informed the daily.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of BB 11, the contestants were given a Mount BB task. In the garden area, a huge snow mountain set up was built and a stepper was placed. The contestants had to carry bags with each other's name. If they empty the bag, it meant they choose to eliminate the particular contestant from the game. If they form an alliance, they will save the contestant from someone else who is trying to empty it.

In a video shared on the channel's Twitter page, Shilpa is seen talking to Puneesh about the task and is extremely disappointed with how it turns out to be commoners vs celebrities game.

She is seen telling Puneesh that he and Akash played the task very badly. While Shilpa is left teary-eyed, Puneesh is seen apologizing to her. She also tells him that Luv mistreated Hina. She used to help him but he treated her badly.

credits: zimbio

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