Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Luv Tyagi lied about his votes?


Just a week before the finale, Delhi boy Luv Tyagi was evicted from Bigg Boss 11. Luv, who was nominated with Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta, received the least number of votes during the live voting activity.

When host Salman Khan had asked about the number of votes received, Luv had revealed that he got 393 votes during live poll. However, today’s episode came as a shocking suprise for all the viewers.

We saw that the voting boxes of last week's nominated contestants were kept in the house. Vikas saw Luv's vote box and started counting the votes. He was shocked to see that only 293 voted in his favour, however, Luv told that he got 393 votes. Vikas tells Puneesh and they both again count Luv's votes and it comes out to be 293 only. They tell Hina about the same and she says it must be a mistake as even she miscounted vote for one extra. Vikas says that it was just one extra vote which can be understood, but Luv lied about 100 fake votes.

Puneesh tells them that Bigg Boss knew that he lied and that's why the voting boxes were still kept inside the house.

Did Luv really lie about his vote counts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, after his eviction, Luv spoke to a leading daily and said, ‘’I am definitely happy to have survived the game so long but yes sad that I couldn’t reach the finale. There’s a lot more that I could have done but since it’s about votes, you don’t know what will happen. There’s a feeling of dissatisfaction but I am happy overall.”

Talking about his bond with Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma on the show, he said, “My relationships were 1000 per cent real in the house. If something went wrong, I took a stand but that doesn’t mean I was a bad friend. Also sometimes you need to vent out emotions and talk to someone, so I had to talk to others to pour my heart.”

For Luv, the winner clearly is Shilpa as he shared, “Everyone in the show right now deserves to win but if you look at the entire journey, I really think Shilpa has a strong chance.”

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