Friday, 7 July 2017

Recent Picture From ‘A Gentleman’ Is Too Hot To Handle


The movie ‘A Gentleman’ has become a talk of the B-town for many reasons. For being called a sequel of very successful movie ‘Bang Bang’, for being an unusual ordeal of a simple 9-5 guy’s life turning risky and adventurous, for its quirky posters where we get to see Sidharth holding a lid of a pressure cooker in one hand and gun in other and of course the brand new and crackling pairing of Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez.

The movie seems to have all the ingredients a Bollywood masala movie is made of and that is what is exciting the audience. And now the actress of the movie Jacqueline Fernandez has made our heartbeats pump faster with the announcement that the first trailer of the movie is all set to release on the coming Monday 10th of July at 12 pm.

The actress has also shared a picture on her social media account, which is a shot from the movie ‘A Gentleman‘ which shows her and Sidharth is an intimate kissing scene locked in a car. While at the background everything can be seen breaking and going haywire.

The image looks steaming hot and showcases the intense passion the two main leads are going to showcase in the movie.

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