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Movie Review: Guest Iin London – Karthik Aryan, Kriti Kharbanda

Name of Movie Guest Iin London
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Ashwni Dhir
Star cast Kartik Aaryan, Paresh Rawal, Kriti Kharbanda, Tanvi Azmi
Genre Comedy Film
Duration 2 hours 12 Minutes
Date Released 7 July 2017

PLOT:- Guest iin London is the story of a loving couple living in London, they live peacefully until something happens. Aryan’s uncle and aunt came from the village to meet him there and the funny part is that he doesn’t even know them; they start living with them and make their lives a living hell. They put their rural ideologies in one of the modern cities, which piss Aryan and his wife off. They don’t want the guest in their home, but can’t do a damn thing about it.

REVIEW: – This movie is just a replica of 2010 movie ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’, and to be honest it is not even close to what that film was. A new face of Karthik Aryan and Kriti Kharbanda just didn’t work. The only good part in the movie is the presence of Paresh Rawal, however, he is not as good as he was in the first installment, but still, be carries the movie a little bit.

When we saw Karthik Aryan in ‘Pyar Ka Punchnaama’ series, big things were expected from him, and still is, but this role was just not for him, he didn’t suit the role at all. His chocolaty face just didn’t work in this mature character. Yes, he tried and tried very hard but just couldn’t do it, he has some good dialogue delivers, which makes him look good. Kriti Kharbanda, who is doing her second Bollywood film after ‘Raaz: Reboot’, she looked beautiful in this movie but failed to impress with her performance, she does a little over acting. However, her innocent face impressed and she will get good roles in future with that, and if she improves her acting she might become one of the most successful actresses. The only good part of the movie was Paresh Rawal, he makes us laugh in some of the scenes but after sometimes you feel irritated, and that’s not the fault of him, it’s the director’s fault. The movie was made before, and with the same ideologies and philosophies, this movie is made, and it hurts the subject. When the first movie ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’ came, it had a new subject and that’s why it worked but in ‘Guest iin London’ you feel irritated because you know that you have seen the same film a few years ago, the only difference here is that it is set in London. To make it more entertaining, the director has put India-Pakistan angle, in the movie which could have worked but it didn’t. There is toilet humour in the movie, Paresh Rawal always farts, it could have fun but he does it every time, and says, ‘parents fart is blessings to children’.

There’s nothing to discuss direction, it is fine. The point is direction doesn’t matter here, what’s matter is the script and the script is not new, so direction cannot save it.

WHY TO WATCH:- The only reason to watch this movie is Paresh Rawal, his comic timing is, and to watch this movie you have to forget that you have seen the same film a few years ago. Kriti Kharbanda looks beautiful and she will make her fan following with this movie.

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