Saturday, 2 January 2016

Did Karan skip 'Hate Story 3' promotions for Bipasha?

Karan Singh Grover leaves promotions for his film, 'Hate Story 3' at Jaipur mid-way, flies back to Mumbai to be with 'special friend' Bipasha Basu

Within moments of landing in Jaipur from Mumbai on Thursday, Karan Singh Grover made a quick U turn and took the next available flight back to Mumbai. Reason? The actor was missing his 'special friend' Bipasha Basu, who was believed to be apparently under the weather.
Did Karan skip 'Hate Story 3' promotions for Bipasha?Karan was in the Pink City along with co-stars Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah and director Vishal Pandya for the promotion of their film, 'Hate Story 3'.

If the grapevine is to be believed, Karan apparently did not inform the rest of the unit that he was taking off. They realised it much later that he was back at the airport waiting to board a flight to Mumbai.

Says a source, "As soon as the unit reached the hotel, they dispersed to their rooms to get ready for a promotional event. But Karan told them he had some work and disappeared. They assumed that he had stepped out for a while, but later they realised that he was on a flight back to Mumbai. They then continued with the promotional activities sans him."

Adds the source, "Karan appeared to be pre-occupied and relunctant to be part of the promotional activities.

Moreover, when he realised that the hairdresser who had accidentally dropped a hot tong and burnt Bipasha's face and hands while doing her hair for a shoot recently, was part of the 'Hate Story 3' trip to Jaipur, he saw red. His behaviour made it clear that he was not happy to have her in their midst."

On November 27, Bipasha had tweeted, "Started my day of shoot with multiple burns on my face and hands by a so called senior hair stylist. She did not even flinch after dropping the tong. Inhuman. Think she came drunk to work. Unbelievable!" Karan remained unavailable for comment.

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