Friday, 31 July 2015


1. Sunny And Daniel
Many people don’t even know that Sunny Leone is married. Sunny Leone and her dear hubby Daniel Weber are life partners as well as business partners in real life.
In fact they both started their production house SunLust pictures in 2009. Apparently Sunny met her husband Daniel through a mutual friend. Even though she did not like him at the first time it took Daniel a good 6 week to convince her and they ended up marrying. They are starting to have their family soon. Before Daniel, Sunny was engaged to the Vice-President of Marketing of Playboy Enterprises, Matt Erikson but sadly things did not work out and they broke up in 2008.
2. Sunny And Commercial Films
If you think that Jism 2 is the first time that Sunny came into contact with commercial films after her adult career then you’re wrong.
Sunny Leone was involved with cinema (no we’re not referring to the adult one) long before Jism 2, in fact her first stint with films was a cameo appearance in the 2004 Elisha Cuthbert starring film ‘The Girl Next Door’. You missed her right?
Well it’s time to grab a DVD and see the movie once again don’t you think? She was approached by Mahesh Bhatt for the film Kalyug but she demanded a lump some $1 million for her role which the producers felt was too much.

3. Sunny Is Also A Director.

Another thing that only some people know is that Sunny is also a director and a really good director. Sunny has a great experience as a director and had done a good job in her career. (This time we’re referring to the adult one)
Sunny Leone has directed and produced about 42 adult movies! Yes quite a lot really! Out of those 42, she has acted herself in 41. We can’t get more of her can we? Talk about numbers… It may not be long enough before she gives a shot in Bollywood. She was also a contestant in the second season of The Bare Lady 2, a Fox reality show.
We’ll not be surprised if we saw Sunny directing some Bollywood movie in the near future.

facts about sunny leone
4. Sunny is of Sikh origin
Well this fact is not as unknown as the ones mentioned above because mostly every entertainment and media portal has mentioned this, but still there are a lot of people who don’t know about her birth origins.
She is actually of Sikh origin and her real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. Her name which is a combination of ‘Sunny’ (randomly chosen by her because it is Indian) and ‘Leone’ (given by her Italian film editor Bob Guccione) is what we know her by today. Her USA passport carries her Sikh name.


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