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‘Allu Arjun’ Owns The Property Of 360 Crore, Lives In House Worth 100 Crores

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According to media reports, Allu charges 16 to 18 crores for a film. He is also known for his livable lifestyle. He has a property worth around 360 crore rupees. Arjun Arjun’s bungalow is made in box shape

– Allu Arjun’s bungalow in Hyderabad is worth more than Rs. 100 crores. Allu has decorated his home located in Jubilee Hills, a beautiful interior designer, Aamir and Hamida.

– Aamir and Hamida have designed the house keeping in mind the two objectives of Allu and his wife. First house box should be in shape and second should not be designed.

– This house from outside looks like a box, but its interior is worth seeing. There is a magnificent corridor inside the house, which leads to living space. There is a living room, dining, a bar counter from the kitchen.

Allu Arjun is the owner of many luxury cars, which cost around Rs 4 to 5 crores. For example, their range includes the expensive Range Rover, Audi and BMW series expensive vehicles. Alu has a BMW X6 Coupe car, which has a number 666. Apart from this, they also have Jaguar and Porsche.

Allu Arjun currently endorsements for prominent companies like Seven Up, Olex, Hot Star, Colgate, Hero MotoCorp and Joa Lukas. According to reports, Alu charges around Rs 2 crore for a brand.

In 2016, Allu Arjun started the night club called ‘800 Jubilee’. In them, M. Kichins and Buffalo Wild Wings are also partners with them.

Allu has made his place in India’s top 100 celebrities in Forbes. They were in the top 50 in 2015. Before that in 2014 he was among the Top 80 people. In 2016, Alu Arjun was placed at number 43 in this list.

Allu Arjun is South’s only superstar, who has more than 1.26 million followers on Facebook. Apart from this, he also has 1.81 million followers on Twitter.

Allu Arjun, who holds romantic images, married Sneha Reddy in March 2011. Jodi’s son was born in 2014, whose name she named Alu Ayan The pair also has a daughter, whose name is Arha. Let me tell you that Alu and Sneha first met in a marriage through Common Friends.

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श्रीदेवी से नफरत करता था उनका बेटा, क्या पार्थिव शरीर को देंगे कन्धा?

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श्रीदेवी की अकस्मात मौत से बॉलीवुड ही नहीं पूरा देश सदमे में है. हर कोई उन्हें श्रधांजलि दे रह है. उनके फैन्स को अब भी विश्वास नही हो रहा की ये अदाकारा हमारे बीच नही रही. आखिरी समय में बेटी जाह्नवी कपूर उनके साथ नहीं थीं। इस बात का दुख जाह्नवी को हमेशा रहेगा। श्रीदेवी का निधन दुबई में हुआ। वो अपने भतीजे मोहित मारवाह की शादी में शामिल होने के लिए पहुंची थीं।

इस दौरान उनके साथ पति बोनी कपूर, बेटी खुशी कपूर और सौतेले बेटे अर्जुन कपूर मौजूद थे। अर्जुन बोनी की पहली पत्नी मोना कपूर के बेटे हैं। अर्जुन की एक बहन अंशुला भी हैं। जून 1996 में बोनी ने श्रीदेवी से दूसरी शादी कर ली थी। इस बात ने अर्जुन कपूर की मां मोना को काफी दुख पहुंचाया।

अर्जुन के साथ श्रीदेवी का रिश्ता हमेशा उलझा हुआ रहा। अर्जुन ने कभी श्रीदेवी को मां के तौर पर नहीं अपनाया। एक इंटरव्यू में अर्जुन ने इस बात का खुलासा किया था। अर्जुन ने कहा था, ‘श्रीदेवी और उनकी दोनों बेटियां मेरे लिए मायने नहीं रखतीं।"

श्रीदेवी से शादी के बाद जब बोनी कपूर मोना से दूर हो गए थे। उस समय मोना के पास उनके दोनों बच्चे अर्जुन और अंशुला थे। उन कुछ सालों के अनुभव ने अर्जुन को पूरी तरह से बदल दिया था। वे काफी गुस्सैल और जिद्दी हो गए थे। अर्जुन को उनके स्कूल के बच्चे ताना मारते थे। एक इंटरव्यू में अर्जुन कपूर ने कहा, ‘वह कभी मेरी मां नहीं हो सकतीं। वह मां जैसी भी नहीं हो सकती। वह केवल मेरे पिता की पत्नी हैं।’ इस पर श्रीदेवी ने कहा था, ‘मैंने बोनी को उनके बच्चों या परिवार से मिलने के लिए कभी नहीं रोका।’

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9 TV Celebrities Who Featured In Forbes India Celebrity 100 List

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In the recent list of 100 Forbes India Celebrity, there are 9 from the TV industry. The list is made on the basis of the income the celebrities earn. There are TV celebrities who earn even more than Bollywood actors.

Here are the 9 TV celebrities, who featured in Forbes India Celebrity 100 List.

1. With earnings of 48 crores the King of Comedy, Kapil Sharma, is on the 18th rank on the list with earnings of 48 Crores.

2. Our very favorite Gutthi aka Sunil Grover is on the 77th Rank, with the earning of 9.83 crores

3. Another comedian Ali Asgar marked his presence on the 88th rank with earnings of 4.19 Crores.

4. TV actor Shabbir Ahluwalia’s earning is 49 Crores which made a place for him on the 91st rank.

5. After Shabbir it is Sugandha Mishra who ranked 92nd on the list with earnings of 39 crores

6. The queen of Comedy Bharti Singh is on the 93rd rank, with earnings of 3.25 Crores

7. The Yeh Hain Mohabbatein famed actor Karan Patel is not just one of the highest paid actors of Television but is also in the list of 100, he is at the 95th rank with earnings of 2.95 Crores

8. The television queen Divyanka Tripathi is at the 96th rank with earnings of 2.92 Crores

9. Comedian Krushna Abhishek is at the 97th rank with earnings of 2.90 Crores.

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Did Jackie Shroff Try to ‘Physically Moleste’ Tabu In Public

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The dazzle of Bollywood is often attracted to all. But in this film world there are many such stories behind the scenes that very few people know. Today we are going to tell you about a similar controversy of Bollywood that surprised everyone. The controversy is that Tabu and Zeki Dada, who had been exposed by Tabu’s sister Farah,

The talk is about when Tabu’s sister Farah was shooting for the film “Diljala” with Jackie Shroff in 1986. In those days, Tabu used to accompany her sister on the film set.

In that film, Danny was in the role of villain. After the shooting of the movie, everyone used to go to the party everyday at Danny’s house. One day Farah took her sister Tabu to the party. Jackie Shroff was also in the party. He had drunk so much that after watching Tabu he started trying to force himself on her. During an interview, Farah herself accepted this fact. Tabu never opened his mouth about the issue. Farah said that if Danny would not have come to rescue, Jackie would have crossed all limits. After this statement of Farah, there was a stir in Bollywood. Since then, Tabu had vowed not to work with Jackie in any film.

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Some Of Bollywood’s Weird Photoshoot Images

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1. Mithun Chakraborty

2. Kajol and Rekha

3. Rekha

4. Shakti Kapoor

5. Helen

6. Pooja Bedi

7. Akshay Khanna and Karisma Kapoor

8. Ranjith

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From Anushka Shetty To Ileana D’Cruz How These Actresses Looked Like In Their Debut Movie

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In the earlier days, the actress had a different look, as a fresher all the actress has a different look but with time the way they groom up is remarkable. Hence, we brought a compilation of Now-Then looks of the actress.

Take a look…

1. Taapsee Pannu

2. Tamanaah Bhatia

3. Ileana Dcruz

4. Kajal Agarwal

5. Trisha Krishnan

6. Lakshmi Raai

7. Anushka Shetty

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11 Weird Photos Of Bipasha Basu from her Modeling Days

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Bipasha Basu, who came from acting in modeling, has turned 39. He was born on 7 January 1979 in a Bengali family in Delhi. His early education took place in APJ High School, located in Delhi’s Nehru Place. Later, his family shifted to Calcutta.

Check out the images below:

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